Noch Fragen an Jeremy Waterman – Exterieur Design Manager bei Land Rover?

Huhu zusammen! Habe kurzfristig noch einen Termin heute bekommen, ein Interview mit Jeremy Waterman, Design Manager für die “Außenhaut” bei Land Rover Design zu führen. Anlass ist ein Event zum neuen Range Rover Evoque.

Wenn Euch neben den Fragen, die ich zusammen gestellt habe noch etwas anderes besonders interessiert, haut es bis 17 Uhr in die Kommentare.

Ich weiß – is knapp ;) Aber so isses nunmal manchmal :=)

First of all please introduce yourself shortly and explain us please what was your role in the design process of the Range Rover Evoque?

Please explain us the key-features of this new design

Can you tell us what were the main inspirations for the design of the Evoque:
Nature? Architecture? Or something completely different?

How is Victoria Beckham involved in the Range Rover Evoque. Was she part designer – part customer target group?

And for which parts of the car is she responsible for?

Do you think we will see that example of celebrity “consultants” in the design-process of car more often in the future?

So before you started working for Land Rover, you worked in the US. Can you tell us: What are the main differences in car-design between Europe and he North-American market?

Land Rover has a very traditional design and was a role model for lots of other manufacturers of SUVs. How did you conserve the coredesign for decades?

How is the SUV look like in 2030?

What do you think about the future of the car.

Since most customers of tomorrow already learned how to drive a car with their thumb on a joypad with their gaming console:
What will be the biggest change for the driver? A new concept of steering the car?

What kind of Apps in our cars can you imagine so that we can use our time more efficient when driving them?

When will cars drive completely automatically?
Is it a question of technology or more a question of law and ethics?

What is your personal vision for the car of the future in lets say 25 years?

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Schreibe hier auf dLimP seit über 10 Jahren privat vor mich hin :) Mit Autos hatte das hier auch mal zu tun. Das findest Du heute hier fokussiert auf Familienautos. klingt martialisch ist aber schon seit 1998 ein kleiner Freundeskreis von Gamern gewesen. Nichtsdestotrotz ist mir bewusst, wie traurig sich dieser mal witzig gemeinte Name mittlerweile bewahrheitet hat. Wenn dich mein berufliches Zeug als Berater interessiert, schau doch mal auf vorbei

4 Replies to “Noch Fragen an Jeremy Waterman – Exterieur Design Manager bei Land Rover?”

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  2. Cool Sache, Dank für das Interview!

  3. Jeremy, will there still be utility cars like the Defender or the Discovery (up to the Disco 4) in Land Rover’s lineup in the future? It seems to me while Defender & Discovery used to be a work horse for militaries and outposts of companies the new Land Rover Design – since 2010 is just for Boulevard cruisers. A sad development and the Evoque seems to be in the same direction.

  4. Mathis I will send Jeremy your question ok? It reached me too late, sorry.

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