Blogging is the new Twitter @vodafone_de @briansolis #next09

Seems like there is a discussion going on at #next09 that 120 is new 140 and awareness is a new currency in the web says Brian Solis.

Tweet: vodafone_de leave room in your tweets for RT, 120 is the new 140 – RT is the new currency in the Web 2.0 @briansolis #next09

That fits my idea that came to my mind somne days ago, when I started to use my blog more and more together with twitter. Instead of tweeting topics that do not fit in 140 or even 120 chars i blog them with a headline suitable as a tweet (including @references and #hastags in the headline) and use the wordpress plugin twittertools by alexking to tweet my thoughts that won’t fit into a single tweet.

it is a bit perverting the twitterservice – i know ;) but hey: Schwarz is the new black and Blogging is the new Twittering ;) Even reblogging instead of retweet and therefor more social interaction is possible.

Always remember – Twitter is just a Tool. Neither a state of mind, nor philosophy nor a new medium. You can use it in any way you like!

Any further suggestions? Feel free to comment?

The only thing i have to do this evening is to change the “new blog post” beginning of every tweet, like explained in Alex Kings Readme for the Plugin:

Is there any way to change the ‘New Blog Post:’ prefix when my new posts get tweeted?

Yes there is, but you have to change the code in the plugin file.

The reason this is done this way, and not as an easily changeable option from the admin screen, is so that the plugin correctly identifies the tweets that originated from previous blog posts when creating the digest posts, displaying the latest tweet, displaying sidebar tweets, and creating blog posts from tweets (you don’t want tweets that are blog post notifications being treated like tweets that originated on Twitter).

To make the change, look for and modify the following line:

$this->tweet_prefix = 'New blog post';

Can I remove the ‘New Blog Post:’ prefix entirely?

No, this is not a good idea. Twitter Tools needs to be able to look at the beginning of the tweet and identify if it’s a notification from your blog or not. Otherwise, Twitter Tools and Twitter could keep passing the blog posts and resulting tweets back and forth resulting in the ‘spinning fireball of death’ mentioned above.